Web Design

A simple yet effective process

Step 1

The consultation is used to discern the scope of the project. It involves taking all your ideas, and turning them into actions.

We figure out exactly what needs to be done to reach your goal.

Step 2

Ideas are great, but they need validation.

Prototyping allows us to figure out what works, what doesn't and overall, it speeds up the building process.

Step 3

We take the prototype and turn it into a functioning website.

The technical side of the site is set up, and relevant training is given to those who are running the site.

Step 4

Your new website is only as good as the launch.

A simple social post won't cut it.

Step 5
Ongoing Care

Although your site isn't going to need daily attention, you can't leave it indefinitely.

Your new site is an investment, so keeping it up to date is a must!

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Know how to handle your site? We'll hand everything over and watch you flourish!

Don't worry, even if you take everything on yourself, we'll still be around for any issues you might face.