Eric The Bear

Eric The Bear is a fictional character, exploring the world and sharing his experiences through the medium of short stories. I helped Eric The Bear to develop his overall design and feel. I was responsible for the design of the logo, website and style of graphics.

The creator of Eric The Bear, wanted to remain anonymous, to create the illusion of Eric The Bear being an individual within his own right. We began by discussing what a website would achieve, and how it could be used to expand the community that Eric The Bear has.

At this stage we had taken the Eric The Bear story right back to the bare bones to explore what Eric The Bear actually means. What this allowed us to do, was to really understand what was need in the website and overall aesthetic, allowing us to remove anything that didn't provide any worth. This was reflected in the initial concept work that was presented to the creator of Eric The Bear.

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From creating concepts, we took the ideas and thoughts that we created and began designing the website.

The typography was extremely important in this project (as it should be in any). It was important that it was easy to read and had a playful feel. We settled on the one below as it had a child like quality, which we attributed to its chunkiness.


The main focus of Eric The Bear, is the adventures that he goes on, and the stories that he has to tell. As part of this, it was important for us to ensure that the page that contained all of his adventures was perfect. It needed to be a reflection of what Eric The Bear stood for.

This project was a real joy to work on. It allowed to expand on my design skills and let me reflect on how attention to detail is important.

While I am writing this, Eric The Bear is still sharing adventures, occasionally taking extended breaks to work on bigger projects to expand on his vision.

I am continually working alongside Eric The Bear to achieve these dreams and ambitions.

Website: Noah Lovell

Logo: Noah Lovell

Design and overall aesthetic: Noah Lovell

Vision, Ideas and story: Eric The Bear

If you would like to be a part of the journey and have you own website created by myself, get in touch and let's make it happen.

Let's make it happen.