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I design websites

I'm Noah Lovell: a web designer based in Huddersfield, creating websites for organisations, charities and businesses. I also take custom requests for creative designs, so get in touch and let's make it happen.

Excellent design needs no explanation.

Technologies I Use 

Discover the platform that creates incredible looking sites, which are easy to use and manage.

With the same CRM tools and powerful code solutions of Editor X, you really can create incredible designs.

Editor X is an advanced website creation platform for designers and developers.

The platform combines responsive design, powerful CMS and custom code solutions to create powerful websites.

Not sure?

With everything, each platform has its own capabilities. I spend time listening to what you need in order to provide you with the solution that fits your need.

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Designed websites improve leads.

A well designed website will not only make your business stand out, it'll improve leads.