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Noah Lovell

Building Digital
With Wix

Leading Wix Website Designer

I design and build incredible Wix websites that are easy to use. Forget the days of constantly having to update plugins and worry about the security of your site.

From the realisation that you need a new website, I guide you along the process of discovering what you need, to creating and building your site, before providing extensive training so you don’t feel lost.

With the all in one, powerful and scalable CMS and CRM platform, Wix is the number 1 platform of choice.


4 Years

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Built With Industry-Leading Technology

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Incredible Digital Experiences

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Here's What People Have To Say 👇


Souny Kennedy, Creative Director


Luke Duo

Black Belt Art, Operations

Consistent, responsive and very professional!

average rating is 5 out of 5

Noah has been consistent, responsive and very professional to work with. We built our site in house and had to hire someone for the search component of the site. We felt the search capability was not as robust as others, and brought on Noah to make it more intuitive to also include a search map. We LOVE the enhancement and trusted his commitment to also have him work on our SEO of the site. He did a fantastic job and we hope to soon be ranking higher on search engines. It has been a pleasure working with Noah and he is a great addition to any team that needs help with their wix site and overall understanding of SEO

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A Selection
Of Projects

McHaffie Nutrition

Website Design

Black Belt Art

Website Design

StaffBank Recruitment

Custom Code

Providence Baptist Church

Website Design


Do you work internationally?

Yes. I am based in the UK and have clients from both the US and the UK. I am currently open to working with companies within the following countries: Denmark, New Zealand, Finland, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, Iceland, Australia, Austria, Canada, United Kingdom (UK) and United States of America (USA).

How long does a project take?

Most projects take between 2 weeks and 2 months

How much will a project cost?

Projects are based on a per project basis. They usually cost between £1000 and £10,000. The minimum engagement fee for a project is £500.

What platform do you use?

Sites are built using Wix' powerful CRM and CMS tools. Depending on your site needs, the site will either be built on the Wix Editor of EditorX

How are payments managed?

We handle payments through an online invoice, generated in accordance to a signed contract. Payment is either accepted directly through the invoice, or via PayPal. We take a 50% upfront payment to start the project, and 50% on completion.

Do you support charities and nonprofit organisations?

We understand the importance of charities and nonprofit organisations to local communities and therefore we support them as much as we possibly can. This could be through reduced pricing, free website support or even the opportunity to provide a tailored roadmap for your digital mission. Get in touch to find out more.

1. Fully responsive sites are only available when working with EditorX. When working with the Wix Editor your site will be adaptive.

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